Why OYA is the perfect gift to give this holiday season

Let’s be real, finding the right gift for the important women in your life that strikes the right balance between practical and thoughtful can be challenging. Luckily, OYA offers something for everyone!

After all, no one likes feminine health issues, and no one wishes that sort of discomfort on anyone. But many women are too busy to slow down and proactively prevent these uncomfortable health issues. Gifting OYA allows you to be the hero who prioritizes the health and convenience of a special person in your life. Whenever they wear their OYA leggings, they’ll look and feel better because of you!

And if that’s not enough, here are some other reasons why OYA makes the perfect gift: 


  1. OYA is unique from other athleisure!

We’re the first and only athleisure brand that prioritizes women’s health without sacrificing style, function, or comfort. That’s why we’re the only OBGYN-tested legging on the market!

Regular leggings trap bacteria and moisture, which can cause problems like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Our products solve this problem using washable and reusable legging inserts that absorb moisture and leaks while also killing bacteria and odor. These inserts eliminate the need for underwear and also serve as a sustainable alternative to pads and diapers! And don’t worry – our inserts blend seamlessly with the Goddess Legging and are thin, flexible, and breathable. 

  1. Does OYA make women look good?

Heck yes! At OYA, we celebrate women with designs that flatter women of all shapes and sizes. We use thick apparel fabric to hide cellulite and our leggings have high waistbands to flatter your tummy and a shaped butt that helps accentuate your curves. Pair your leggings with one of our tops and yeah, you’re going to look cute!

Want to see our leggings in action? Check out our Instagram or TikTok!

  1. OYA is an affordable gift! 

Feminine health is priceless, but maintaining your feminine health can be costly. The average yeast infection or bout of bacterial vaginosis can set you back $90+ and require doctor’s visits, medicine, and lots of healing time. With that in mind, OYA is an affordable way to proactively protect your health – especially compared to other premium athleisure brands. 

  1. What if I don’t like it? 

We want you to be healthy AND happy. If you don’t love your OYA products, we offer returns within 30 days for unused products in their original condition and exchanges within the first 60 days. 

If you end up loving OYA, we also have a return and refurbish model that gives you a 20% discount if you want to return your old OYAs for a brand new pair! Happy shopping :)

December 16, 2021 — Jack Eller

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