What is a Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an online funding platform for creative projects. Anything and everything in technology, art, design, fashion, gaming, and more. When you access OYA’s Kickstarter page, you can read about our story, mission, product, and other important information. Everything is nicely laid out and extremely simple to follow.

Our Kickstarter will be dedicated to the Goddess V2 Legging and its matching Sports Bra. Our fundraising goal is $25,000 and the Kickstarter will be released this Fall. 

If you like OYA and you want to support the Goddess V2, you can use our Kickstarter page to donate money towards the product’s development. Think of it as any other donation system, such as GoFundMe, but Kickstarter is specific to creators and/or startup businesses like us.

OYA is doing a Kickstarter because… 

  1. We need to raise money to manufacture the Goddess V2
  2. We think that the Kickstarter community will really identify with our product
  3. We want to build brand awareness

Our goal and the all-or-nothing model

Our Kickstarter fundraising goal is $25,000 and the Kickstarter will be released this Fall. 

It’s important to mention our goal because Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing funding model. 

This means that if we reach (or surpass) our goal, everyone who pledged to help us will be charged. However, if we do not reach our goal by the end of the fundraising, no one will be charged and we will not get any of the donations.

Why should you donate to OYA’s project?

Donating to a project idea is the easiest and quickest way for people to help it come to life. By supporting our Kickstarter, you help OYA and everything it stands for. This fundraising was not created for us to profit, but to make our idea possible.

We are hella-feminist, hella-revolutionary, and hella-sexy and we believe a lot of our fanbase resonate with that. We stand for happy healthy vaginas, for equality, and we want women to feel free to do whatever they please, and not be judged while doing it.

Thank you for your time! 

July 23, 2021 — Mitchella Gilbert


Grace Henderson said:

This Is Something Really Nice For Women And May God Bless This Nice Company

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