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At Oya, We Don’t Just Make

Workout Clothes...

We engineer high-tech performance wear with patent-pending features and fabrics that support feminine health.

  • Keeps your lady parts clean and dry
  • Increases airflow 
  • Fights bacteria

Keeps you fresh for daily activities!

Doctors Agree

Oya was designed and tested with 60+ physicians. Check out the reviews!

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Oya fabrics are BPA, PFA and PFOA free.

Why Is This Important?


Anti-Irritation Sports Bra

This medium impact sports bra has three antimicrobial mesh panels: one on the chest, one below the breasts, and one on the back to combat chest acne and back-ne. It also features an anti breast-rash band and bra cups that do not move.

High Impact Crop Top

This High Impact Crop has four ventilation panels: one on the chest, one under each arm, and one on the back for maximum breathability and support.