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Comfort is more than softness - it's about confident assurance that what you wear is beneficial to your body and the environment. Engineered with patent-pending features and fabrics developed in partnership with over 80 women's health professionals, our femtech apparel goes beyond aesthetics.

Sustainably Made in Los Angeles 💙 BPA, PFA, and PFOA-Free 💙 Approved by Doctors 💙


Before we explore Oya's unique features, it's crucial to address an often-overlooked aspect of activewear: the balance of skin microbiota and its impact on our health. Skin microbiota consists of millions of bacteria living on our skin, usually in harmony. However, exposure to certain clothing materials or chemicals can disrupt this balance, leading to skin issues like allergies or irritations.

At Oya, maintaining skin microbiota balance is paramount. Factors like chemical exposure from clothing and poor fabric choices can disturb this balance. Chemical residues like PFOA found in some activewear can irritate the skin. Additionally, inadequate breathability and moisture management in clothing create a thriving ground for unwanted bacteria.

Ensuring balanced skin microbiota is the foundation of healthy skin and body. Oya's advanced features, toxic-free materials, and patent-pending innovations put us at the forefront of femtech.



Women's sportswear, most commonly constructed from spandex blends, frequently falls short in providing the necessary ventilation and moisture control. This deficiency in women's sportswear design increasingly contributes to numerous health concerns.

To address this vital issue, Oya embarked on a collaboration with over 80 professionals in women's health. The goal was to deliver a co-create a healthier and more accommodating line of women's sportswear.

Recognizing the glaring research gap with regard to the vaginal microbiome, Oya organizes annual surveys with the participation of 60+ physicians to gain a deeper understanding of the adverse effects of sportswear on feminine health.

The compelling insights gathered from our surveys reveal the crucial link between clothing choices and women's health:

  • ✅ 41% of physicians reported that clothing choices account for 10-30% of their yeast infection cases
  • ✅ 47% of physicians attributed 10-20% of their bacterial vaginosis cases to clothing related decisions
  • ✅ 35% of physicians shared that 25-75% of their patients are concerned about urinary incontinence and their apparel choices

These findings aren't just statistical data; they convey the real-life experiences and concerns of thousands of women. To further illustrate the magnitude of these issues:

These alarming statistics underscore the importance of our mission. At Oya, we are dedicated to researching, working with medical professionals, and refining our products continuously. We want to promote and provide healthier sportswear options for women.



Breathability in activewear is crucial for regulating body temperature and preventing the growth of bacteria. Traditional activewear brands often use synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or nylon, known for their quick-drying and elasticity features. However, these material tend to trap moisture against the skin and limit air circulation, hindering the body's natural cooling mechanism and fostering an environment conducive to bacterial growth.


Our Hypercool Mesh is engineered for maximum breathability, keeping you cool and dry during your workouts. This advanced fabric is light, airy, and perfect for high-intensity activities.

Elevate your performance in SoftStride, a brushed fabric that offers a smooth feel, just the right stretch, and moisture-wicking capabilities for your active lifestyle.

Experience the perfect blend of breathability, flexibility, and durability with AirFlow Pro. Say goodbye to chafing and hello to comfort during every workout.

Oya's inserts and Hypercool Mesh fabric are infused with antimicrobial technology to keep you feeling fresh and clean during your exercises. It's perfect for women who prioritize hygiene and want to maintain their feminine health during physical activities.


Adaptive Support System

We recognized the lack of activewear that offered both support and flexibility, so we developed our patent-pending Adaptive Support System. Through extensive research and innovation, we have created activewear that intelligently adapts to your body's movements, ensuring optimal support while allowing for freedom of movement.

Moisture Control Technology

We understand the discomfort and distraction caused by moisture build-up during workouts. OYA's activewear tackles this issue with our advanced moisture control technology. Our fabric is engineered to wick away sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your exercise routines.

Body Temperature Regulation

Maintaining an optimal body temperature during physical activities is vital. Our activewear incorporates innovative fabric technology that helps regulate body heat, ensuring you stay comfortable in any environment. This feature allows you to focus on your performance without the distraction of discomfort.