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At OYA, we understand the importance of giving back to causes that support women's health. Our community is the change that we want to see in feminine wellness world. That's why we have made it a priority to collaborate with nonprofit organizations that support OYA’s mission of helping women achieve feminine wellness.

Read more about our charity partnerships below!


Women's History Month

We partnered with five femtech brands to launch a limited edition "Mind Your Own Uterus" collection. This collection was designed to promote feminine health as we learn about new/terrible women’s health policiesshocking maternal mortality rates, and exceptionally high healthcare costs.

15% of all collection sales are donated to the Step-Up Women's Network.

FAME Foundation

Supported the Nigerian FAME Foundation in hosting her Annual Football Tournament in commemoration of International Women’s Day. The event was themed Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality.

Eight (8) all-women's teams played to promote gender equality, celebrate and appreciate the impact of women.

Aside from football matches, interactive educational sessions were conducted where participants were enlightened on the usage of female condoms, alongside free distribution of male and female condoms, to promote family planning and STI prevention.

Kino Border Initiative

"Our Vision is Migration With Dignity."

We contributed $10,000 worth of merchandise to the Kino Border Initiative with the aim of supporting their mission to provide essential humanitarian aid services to deported migrants. Additionally, our donation will help facilitate educational programs and presentations for visiting delegations while also contributing towards their innovative research and advocacy initiatives.

We are #HappyPeriod

We are #HappyPeriod is a catalyst working to reshape the discussion on periods and bridging access to safe menstrual products for people with periods that may otherwise go without.

They provide menstrual hygiene kits to the homeless population with periods, giving those who would otherwise go without, a chance to have a #happyperiod.

The White Dress Project

"Our mission is to galvanize support and promote national awareness about the fibroid epidemic among people domestically and globally through education, research, and advocacy.

By educating people about fibroids, treatment options, and sharing our stories, we hope to embolden everyone to wear white!"