The Wellcare Circle

A safe place to embrace the lifestyle you love -  be it recounting your fitness adventures, enriching your feminine health savvyiness, or hunting for your favorite Oya pieces all while uplifting your conscious, sustainable way of life 💙

Sustainably Made in Los Angeles 💙 BPA, PFA, and PFOA-Free 💙 Approved by Doctors 💙

Perks & Benefits

  1. Founder's Fireside Chat: A unique opportunity to engage with our founder once a week. Ask questions, get to know her journey, learn about the brand's upcoming initiatives, and more.
  2. Doctor's Corner: Monthly webinars with a trusted health professional, where members can have their health and wellness queries answered. This is a unique way for individuals to interact directly with experts and gather insights.
  3. Weekly Health Digest: A comprehensive weekly health and wellness guide answering members' most asked questions curated by our panel of doctors and fitness professionals. It can include all the latest updates, tips, and tricks in health, fitness, and wellness.
  4. Fashion Forecast: An exclusive preview of our upcoming activewear designs, a chance for members to leave feedback and suggestions which might get incorporated in cutting-edge Oya Femtech apparels.
  5. Early Bird Access: Be the first to know about the latest Oya Femtech collections and enjoy exclusive early bird access to newly launched products.
  6. Members-only Discounts: Enjoy special members-only discounts on Oya Femtech Apparel products, including surprise flash sales and seasonal discounts.
  7. Birthday Rewards: Celebrate your special day with personalized discount codes from Oya Femtech.