CONTOUR Sports Bra For Sensitive Skin, Cooling Compression, High Support, Moisture Wicking

Rated Bustle Magazine's Best Bras of 2023

  • 💪 BUSTLE-Approved Support 
  • 🌪️ Breathable 
  • 🚫 Toxin-Free 
  • 👃 Fights Odor 
  • 🩲 Comfort on Point 
Product Features


  • 💪 BUSTLE-Approved Support: A racerback silhouette and high neckband for style that supports as you lift.
  • 🚫 Toxin-Free: Free of 80,000 toxic chemicals (like BPA, PFA, and PFOAs) for a clean, healthy workout.
  • 🌪️ Breathable: Stay cool and comfy with three ventilation panels – bye-bye boob sweat!


  • 🩲 Comfortable: Smooth seams, plush waistband, and hypoallergenic fabric – all the comfort vibes!
  • 🚺 No Spillage Zone: Compressive fit and thick straps – jump, run, squat without worries!
  • 👃 Fights Odor: Moisture-wicking fabric infused with silver to keep you fresh and stylish.
  • Supportive, snug fit
  • Wide, plush, elastic band lies flat to maximize comfort and prevent chafing
  • Thick straps for back support
  • Body - 82% Polyester | 18% Lycra
  • Mesh - 94% Polyester | 6% Lycra
  • Mesh is infused with antimicrobial silver
  • All fabrics are free of BPA, PFOA, and PFA materials
  • Wash on a delicate cycle in cold water 
  • Wash inside out with other synthetic fabrics
  • Wash separately from cotton items
  • Avoid fabric softener 
  • Tumble dry on low


Meet Our Happy Community

Oya's High Support, Cooling bra has been the trend all 2023 across the globe. With our empowered community of Athletes and Health-Conscious Customers, we are proud to join you on your wellness journey!

Experience Toxin-Free And

BUSTLE-Approved Support

Elevate your clean and healthy fitness journey with a racerback silhouette and high neckband. This sports bra is crafted without 80,000 toxic chemicals, including BPAs, PFAs, and PFOAs. Enjoy unparalleled comfort with three ventilation panels, saying bye bye to boob sweat.

Comfort, Support, and

Freshness in Every Workout!

Featuring smooth seams, a plush waistband, and hypoallergenic fabric for an indulgent, comfortable feel. Stay confidently active with a compressive fit and thick straps, ensuring a 'No Spillage Zone' for worry-free jumping, running, and squatting. Additionally, fight odor with moisture-wicking fabric infused with silver.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This top was super comfy and cute! I run a lot and I don’t like when my sports bra tops have tight bands on my chest/abdomen, it’s so uncomfortable. I didn’t have that problem at all, this felt breathable to finish a workout in. I accidentally ordered an xsmall and I’m really a small, so it was kinda of tight but not too tight so I’m sure a small would have been running!
— Taiya
Perfect for running
Customer reviews
This is my new go to sports bra. I wear it on long and short runs as well as hiking. It stays in place without pinching or feeling tight. The size S was perfect for me (bust 37”). The neckline is higher and visible under most tank tops and running tees, but it also looks great all on its own. The material feels sleek and is cool and breathable, which felt really nice on my run in 80° weather.
— Elle
Comfortable and Women Owned
Customer reviews
I ordered this bra because, really, who wants to be wearing a wired bra anymore? Honestly? Not this girl. This bra is lightweight but still supportive, and exceptionally comfortable. I ordered an XL, which is my usual size, and it fits as expected. I did chuckle when I took it out of the packaging and noticed that the size is actually printed on the front of the bra, instead of the back. Makes perfect sense given the mesh style back, but still made me chuckle. The mesh is comfortable and the band holds in place without pinching or squeezing. I often forget that I have it on, which is a huge accomplishment. It does have a very high crew neck so you may need to be mindful of what you wear it with if you don't want that showing. Now, I did find the price a little high, but I do think that the value is there for the quality of the bra. This definitely isn't a high impact bra, but for standard wear or light exercise it will work beautifully and I would recommend it.
— K. Mair
Comfortable and Supportive
Customer reviews
Soft, holds things in place even during running and manages heat and sweat like a boss. The back ventilation panel and front V shaped vent in the front effectively manage heat and sweat build up much better than my other sport bras. The front is high which is good for layering under some types of clothes but maybe too high for some. The high front also assists with sweat management so it does have a function. Fits true to size for me. No hot spots or chafing noted during runs or hot yoga.
— Mom2firefly
Comfortable and great at heat management


Which chest sizes is this sports bra best for?

Small and medium chest sizes

Is Oya's polyester body fabric bad for me?

Not all polyesters are the same. Oya's custom polyester fabric undergoes rigorous testing and is clinically verified as free from 80,000 toxic chemicals. However, many polyester fabrics are not subjected to such testing and may be treated with harmful chemicals. It's important to note that while Oya's polyester has been proven safe, there is a lack of studies showing long-term harm to the skin from polyester in general.