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Oya has been working with doctors and athletes to develop the most healthy underwear ever made.



Why are these the most comfortable, healthy undies?

Customer Love
Customer Love
"I love my Oya! Underwear that are fabulously comfortable all day long. I have the brief and the thong and both are excellent. No lines, no bunching. Honestly, you don’t notice them at all, which is how all underwear should be. These are underwear that women have been waiting for. Thank you!"
— Caroline
Customer Love
"From the moment I slipped them on, I knew I found something special. The comfort is off the charts! It's like wearing a cloud all day long. The mesh keeps me cool and dry. Plus, knowing they're toxin-free gives me peace of mind. These undies are truly a game-changer."
— Suki
Customer Love
"These are amazing. They're just so soft and breathable. I feel like I'm not wearing any underwear and I absolutely love that. It's the most incredible. Wow. These are the best underwear I've ever worn in my life. I love them. They're amazing. I want more."
— Karolina

Tested With 80+ Doctors and Athletes


Should I get the thong or brief?

Up to you! The thong's French cut elongates the legs, and accentuates the hip and butt. The brief has full coverage both in the front and back for security and comfort. Otherwise, they provide the same benefits 💙

Do the underwear come with an absorbent insert?

No, the absorbent insert is sold separately. You can purchase a 2 or 4 pack.

Are the panties see through?

No, we specially designed our mesh fabric to be as ventilated and provide as much coverage as possible.

The undies are made with polyester, does that make them bad for me?

Not all polyesters are the same. Oya's custom polyester fabric undergoes rigorous testing and is clinically verified as free from 80,000 toxic chemicals. However, many polyester fabrics are not subjected to such testing and may be treated with harmful chemicals. It's important to note that while Oya's polyester has been proven safe, there is a lack of studies showing harm to the skin from polyester in general.