Yeast infections have been around forever, but many women fear that this topic is too intimate and stigmatized to openly discuss. Despite these stigmas, we want to talk to you about yeast infections so that we can support your health and help you become your most confident self.

Below are some of the most common questions you all have asked about yeast infections as well as some simple ways to take better care of your vagina.

  1. What exactly are yeast infections? Yeast infections occur from an imbalance of yeast and bacteria in the vagina. When the vagina becomes imbalanced, Candida fungus begins to form uncontrollably, leading to an infection
  2. How common are yeast infections? Yeast Infections are one of the most common bacterial infections affecting women. It is estimated that 75% of women will experience at least one in their lifetimes
  3. Why did I get a yeast infection? Bacteria organisms love a warm and moist environment to live in, making them susceptible to settle in your vagina due to poor ventilation and excess moisture around the crotch area
  4. What are the symptoms? When having a yeast infection, you may experience various uncomfortable symptoms such as an increase in vaginal discharge, irritation, and itching around the vagina
  5. What factors may put me at risk for a yeast infection? Pregnancy, diabetes, and other internal health related issues, as well as wearing tight, non-breathable clothing (i.e., the average legging)
  6. What can I do to protect myself against yeast infections?
    1. Clothing:
      1. Clothing is more important to vaginal health than we typically think. Your choice in bottoms can determine how much ventilation and breathability your vagina may be getting. That’s why most women’s health experts suggest that you wear clothing and underwear that allow your vagina to ventilate and breathe
      2. Avoid super tight-fitting bottoms and underwear, so that your vagina can ventilate any excess moisture that may occur from sweat or urinary incontinence
  • When in doubt, cotton underwear is recommended by most women’s health experts
  1. Daily Routine:
    1. Avoid douching and/or scented feminine care products that can lead to irritation or vaginal PH imbalances
    2. Avoid taking hot baths or jacuzzis
  • Change out of wet clothing immediately to resist forming moist environments for bacteria


Leggings can easily disrupt your vaginal health given their tight fitting and non-breathable nature. So now that you know better, do better by choosing your leggings wisely and aiming for features that support your vaginal health.

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December 10, 2020 — Mitchella Gilbert

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