competitor leggings make women sick

Competitor leggings are made of tight, non-breathable spandex blends that do not let vaginas breathe. These blends cause vaginas to build up sweat and bacteria.

According to a Vaginal pH and Lifestyle Study, the lack of ventilation then makes women 2X more likely to develop issues like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. 

According to the CDC:

75% of women will suffer from feminine health issues in their lifetime

30% of all women have bacteria vaginosis (BV) right now (you know that irritating issue that leads to fishy odors, discharge, and burning)

30% of all women have urinary incontinence right now

So What Gives? 

Why are women forced to put up with leggings that make us sick?

1) Because most apparel designers are men, so women's health is not prioritized during the apparel design process.

2) Many women suffer from vaginal health issues in silence, so the apparel industry has not been forced to change. 

What Can You Do?

Stop investing in apparel businesses that prioritize profits over your health. Instead, invest in OYA.

We are the first athleisure brand for health conscious, time-poor women. Unlike competitors, we put your health first without sacrificing style, comfort, or function.

OYA wants to create happy, healthy bodies with natural ventilation.