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How OYA Products Work

Inspired and tested by OB/GYN's, OYA is functional fashion.

OYA products have a combination of features across health, style, fit, and function. Click the expandable buckets below to learn more about our ventilation panels, leak absorbent technology, invisible protection promise, and our anti-breast rash design.

Ventilation Panels

All OYA products are made with antimicrobial mesh panels to create airflow and kill bacteria.

The legging has hidden mesh panels along the inner thighs and the crotch gusset. The top and bottom of the crotch gusset are also made of mesh so vaginas can breath comfortably without building up sweat or bacteria like competitor leggings.

The crop top has three mesh panels: one on the chest and one on each side of the breast. This enables your chest to breathe comfortably.

Leak Absorbent Technology

Our leggings have patent-pending crotch gusset technology. We are the first legging to use an antimicrobial, absorbent, removable, and reusable insert. The "Lite" insert absorbs sweat and blocks odor. The "Regular" insert absorbs urinary, menstrual, and sweat leaks while also blocking odor. These inserts mean that you do not have to wear underwear if you do not want to.

We are the first legging to use an antimicrobial, absorbent, removable, and reusable insert.

Invisible Protection Promise

The crotch gusset pocket in the photos below is invisible from the outside. Moreover, our mesh is not see through.

Believe it or not, our healthy features are so discreet that it took a team of four people at least 30 minutes across two photoshoots to figure out how to showcase our crotch gusset here.

Anti-Breast Rash Design

Bacteria and yeast love cozy, moist places like the underside of breasts. Wearing OYA's ventilated, antimicrobial crop top reduces the likelihood of bacteria build up. The top is also made with an anti-chafing elastic band to reduce the likelihood of breast rash.


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