the design approach

Inspired and approved by OB/GYN's, OYA is functional fashion.

OYA products have a combination of features across health, style and fit, and function.

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The Goddess V2 Legging and the Everyday Crop Top keep your body cool and dry. 

Ventilation Panels

Three antimicrobial mesh panels create airflow and kill bacteria. The top and bottom of the crotch gusset are made of lightweight mesh so vaginas can breath comfortably without building up sweat or bacteria like competitor leggings.

Leak Absorbent

Our crotch gusset has an antimicrobial, absorbent, removable, and reusable insert. The "Lite" insert absorbs sweat and blocks odor. The "Regular" insert absorbs urinary, menstrual, and sweat leaks while also blocking odor.

Invisible Protection

The crotch gusset pocket in the GIF above is invisible from the outside. Believe it or not, our healthy features are so discreet that it took a team of four people at least 30 minutes across two photoshoots to figure out how to showcase it here.

Fights Breast Rash

Bacteria and yeast love cozy, moist places like the underside of breasts. Wearing OYA's ventilated, antimicrobial crop top reduces the likelihood of bacteria build up and breast rash.


Flattering Design

Designed with 12 panels to flatter diverse body types.

High Waistband

Say no to "muffin top" with our high waistband. 

Butt Shaping Design

Perk up your booty with our butt curve.

Light Compression

Holds it all in while still letting you move freely.


Flatlock Seams

Anti-Irritation Chest Band

Legging Work Better Without Underwear

Three Pockets

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