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Breathable, V-Cut 7/8th Legging: Sensitive Skin: Odor, UTI & BV Defense

  • 💃 For the Beyoncé in You
  • 🚫 Toxin-Free
  • 💰 Cost Effective
  • 💦 Super Absorbent
  • 🇺🇸  Ethically Made In The USA
Product Features

🚫 Toxin-Free: Free from 80,000 toxic chemicals (like BPA, PFA, and PFOAs) for a clean, healthy workout.
💦 Absorb & Conquer: Up to 1.5 pantyliners of liquid? We've got you, girl! (absorbent insert sold separately)
💪 Health Warrior: Fights yeast infections and UTIs for a worry-free workout.
💰 Cost-Effective: Cheaper than a case of BV and comfier than a yeast infection or a UTI!

🏋️‍♀️ Lift & Shine: Compress that core, lift weights, and embrace the power of a waistband that does not fall down!
🧈 Buttery Soft: So soft, it's like a hug for your legs. You'll never want to take them off.
🌪️ Breathable: Stay cool and dry with our moisture-wicking, fast-drying magic.
🌈 Pocket Power: Two deep pockets for your essentials – because who needs a bag?

💃 For the Beyoncé in You: Strut your stuff like Queen B in these V-cut wonders.
🍑 V-Cut Magic: Elongates the waist, flatters the hips and butt.
🕵️‍♀️ Squat-Proof: No peek-a-boo moments here! We got you covered.

  • V-cut, criss-cross waistband with body-shaping compression
  • Max compression for high-intensity training (HIIT)
  • Tailored for Athletic, Hourglass, and Pear-Shaped Beauties
  • 7/8th length (23.5” inseam)
  • Made in the USA
  • Body - 82% Polyester | 18% Lycra
  • Mesh - 94% Polyester | 6% Lycra
  • Mesh is infused with antimicrobial silver
  • All fabrics are free of BPA, PFOA, and PFA materials
  • Wash on a delicate cycle in cold water 
  • Wash inside out with other synthetic fabrics
  • Wash separately from cotton items
  • Avoid fabric softener 
  • Tumble dry on low


Meet Our Happy Community

Oya's V-cut leggings have been the trend all 2023 across the globe. With our empowered community of Athletes and Health-Conscious Customers, we are proud to join you on your wellness journey!


Toxin-Free, Absorbent, and Health-Conscious Leggings

Meet The 7/8th V-Cut Legging, your ultimate companion for a toxin-free, healthy workout experience. With the power to absorb up to 1.5 pantyliners of liquid, it ensures you stay fresh and confident during intense workouts. Not only is it a stylish choice, but it also fights yeast infections, BV, and UTIs, offering unbeatable comfort that's both affordable and health-conscious.

Experience Functionality

Soft, Breathable, and Pocket-Perfect Leggings!

Our V-Cut Leggings redefine comfort with buttery softness. So soft, you'll never want to take them off. Stay cool and dry throughout your day with a breathable design, featuring moisture-wicking and fast-drying fabrics. Plus, enjoy the convenience of two deep pockets, eliminating the need for a bag and enhancing your on-the-go lifestyle.

Say Goodbye to

Love Handles, Yeast Infections, UTI's, and BV

Strut your stuff like Queen B in these V-cut wonders. Designed for active and fly women who appreciate high-waist fashion. These leggings not only combat muffin top but also instill confidence with every wear. Enjoy the assurance of a non-see-through design, ensuring no peek-a-boo moments – we've got you covered.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
These leggings are absolutely amazing for both lounging and CrossFit/HIIT workouts. Insanely soft, HUGE pockets, squat proof and the waist DOES NOT BUDGE (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t have hips to hold anything up so that’s saying something). I also noticed that while my crotch is normally really sweaty and gross after workouts in my old navy leggings, that does not happen with these. I can wear them for hours after the gym and they don’t smell or stay damp. Buying them in every color and then some, absolutely love the fit and feel!
— KmbToth
SUPER soft, breathable, squat proof & HIIT proof!
Customer reviews
I was quite skeptical at first about these leggings, but they really came in great shape! Due to the size not being my own, I had to lend them to another who was the size that was shipped to me. So that was a slight bummer. But they had nothing but great feedback! They said the leggings were comfortable, didn’t feel so tight, they also did moisture wicking, and the insert helped! The only thing was that you have to position it correctly or else it’ll be a bit uncomfortable. So maybe a built in pad would be nice, or an easier way to insert a new one that holds in place better would be a nicer approach! We got a size small, and it was great.
— Beth
Moisture wicking leggings
Customer reviews
The fabric is buttery soft and moves well, especially for yoga or squats. At first I was suspicious of the crotch seam, but I didn't experience any camel toe and it looks ok when wearing the pants. They will be good for camping trips as they don't look dirty after you sweat. The mesh is really breathable, I wouldn't wear for hot yoga but for temps from 50-80 they are perfect. The waist hugs you in a nice way, no gap!
— Seattle Ribes
Soft fabric, nice waist
Customer reviews
I’ve been living in this set from oya! So comfortable and breathable and made for your feminine health! So cute and chic, you’ll want to workout and show off! ♥️ support a brand whose focus is your health and uplifting women!
— Janáe
Cute and chic


Do leggings come with the absorbent insert?

No, the absorbent insert is sold separately. You can purchase a 2 or 4 pack.

Are the leggings see through?

No, we specially designed our mesh fabric to be as ventilated and provide as much coverage as possible.

Is Oya's polyester body fabric bad for me?

Not all polyesters are the same. Oya's custom polyester fabric undergoes rigorous testing and is clinically verified as free from 80,000 toxic chemicals. However, many polyester fabrics are not subjected to such testing and may be treated with harmful chemicals. It's important to note that while Oya's polyester has been proven safe, there is a lack of studies showing long-term harm to the skin from polyester in general.